Digital Foundry Top Picks: WWDC 2017 Announcements

This week, Apple held its annual developer conference to announce new products, upgrades, and several exciting innovations that customers and developers can expect down the pike.

Our SF Bay Area technologists here at Digital Foundry had a lot to say this year on the new APIs and features they’re looking forward to. In keeping with our work, play, evolve mantra, we love to keep our partners and our fellow colleagues in the software development space up to date on our observations.

Here’s the Digital Foundry top 5 picks and insights from this year’s WWDC!

1. Virtual Reality for Mac

We’re huge virtual reality (VR) fans here at the office (on Fridays you can find many DFers battling it out on Oculus Rift to wrap up the week), so the Mac OS High Sierra VR updates are a big win.

The new iMac Pro will include technology like Vega GPU, which allows developers to create interactive VR experiences on Mac for the first time. With the new Retina 5K display and accompanying apps like SteamVR, this will be a whole new world of exploration in this immersive space.

2. Apple Pay

The convenience of Apple Pay meets the convenience of apps like PayPal or Venmo. The team here at Digital Foundry is pumped about being able to send money via text message so we can settle up at lunch more easily! It’s also relevant to several mobile payments projects we have engaged on this year.

3. Augmented Reality on the Upcoming iOS 11

Along similar lines to the VR hype, the iOS 11 developer capabilities to come include ARKit, which will enable our iPhones and iPads to detect the space around them using the camera and to track objects so they can augment the experience with virtual objects.

This opens up a whole new opportunity to create apps that can map digital objects into 3D space, like placing digital furniture in your home to see how it looks. Our innovation team is excited about this opportunity and ready to get their hands on the ARKit!

4. Customized Controls and Drag and Drop

Other notable improvements to the interactions we experience on the iPad and iPhone involve increased controls and the ability to personalize tools. Drag and drop also offers multitasking between apps, letting you drag content or files from one app to another.

These are user experience considerations we hear about all the time as we design or implement UX for clients, so the team quickly pointed out these features.

5. Native Screen Recording

Compared to the other big announcements, built-in screen recording may seem like a small feature, but at Digital Foundry we see it as a very useful tool to communicate with our clients. Anything that makes it easier to showcase user flows and iterate with our stakeholders is welcome! It’s also a generally handy feature for sharing content or how-tos with family and friends.


We’re always keeping our eye on cutting edge innovations so we can incorporate the best technology out there for our clients. Contact us to chat about the latest technology trends. We’re always happy to connect on how these trends may impact your upcoming project.

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